Rainy Day Fun Things to Do



Rainy Day at Beavers Bend cabins

Take a nap.

Read a book. Write a book. Write a letter to your grandmother. They like that better than e-mail.

Bring your favorite board game, Monopoly, Candy Land or Scrabble. Can you spell r-a-i-n?

Put together a scrapbook of your favorite pictures. Better yet, ask your parents or grandparents for their old pictures to look through.

On winter rainy days, settle in next to the fireplace (open Oct 15 - Mar 15).

On summer rainy days, go for a walk in the woods, and look for the waterfalls. They are always better with a rain.

580-584-6339 - Body Harmony Spa in Hochatown. Soothing music, melted shea butter and Dead Sea salt, hot towels. Ahhh.

Tour the museums

580-494-6193 Beavers Bend Wildlife Museum, Hochatown OK - School group and church tours. Taxidermy and gift shop.

580-286-3616 Museum of the Red River, Idabel OK - Lectures, tours, travel, dinosaur and indian artifacts.

580-494-6497 Forest Heritage Center Museum, Hochatown OK - Smokey Bear comes alive.

580-584-6588 Gardner Mansion, Broken Bow OK - Historic Choctaw Indian Chief's home.

580-584-6531 Indian Memorial Museum, Broken Bow OK - private collection of arrowheads and tomahawks.

580-286-2220 Muscle Car Legends Museum, Idabel OK - the fastest cars from the finest times.

580-286-2220 McCurtain Cinema and 3D screen. Popcorn and a movie. Next to car museum

580-286-3747 Gene Autry Museum, Idabel OK - A private, 70-year memorabilia collection

580-746-2139 Wheelock Indian Academy, Millerton OK - Walk back to Indian Territory.

Play Betty Crocker in the kitchen. Bake cookies, stir up some homemade chili, or try your hand at creating homemade pizza.

Restaurants, bars and wineries in Broken Bow and near Beavaers Bend Cabins.

Play in the mud puddles. Walking in the rain is fun.

Get some roses. Wine and chocolate. Candles are nice. A book of love poems...

Sit underneath the covered porch swing and listen to it rain.

Poker tournament, Texas Hold 'Em, 21, Hearts, and Go Fish.

If you do everything on the list, it should be done raining by then.

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