Muscle Car Legends Museum



Muscle Car Legends Museum

The finest cars from the fastest times. See the legendary cars of the 1960's and 1970's.

Located on Hwy 259 between Idabel and Broken Bow Oklahoma next to McCurtain Cinema 580-286-7206 or 580-286-6468


Yep, right there at the junction of Hwy 70 and 259 there's a theater (the only one) for the small town and right next door is this Muscle Car Museum. The guy that runs it is the son of the owner and boy is he is full of information! I asked him why there in Idabel and he replied "Cause this is where we live!" Ah, the small town life.

Not a bad collection so far, huh? Especially for such a little town tycoon's garage. Phil Silva has been collecting the girls for over twenty years.  Sometimes he sells one and sometimes he buys one, so you never know what might be on display.

Cougar 428 CJ was in transition along with a Cobra car being restored in the 'back room'...

Shelby Mustang could be two or three 'stangs in the corral. Visit the car museum and find out what's showing. Every car has a story to tell.

A week in the life of a 1969 Corvette L-88
The trip from Seattle to Dallas is about 2,300 miles.  It doesn’t seem to be a big deal on the surface. A trip of this nature or at least distance is a common thing.  Doing it in a Corvette makes it more interesting, more exciting.  The fact that the Corvette in question is almost 40 years old adds a little adventure to the journey.  One fact alone completely transforms the entire picture.  This ’69 Vette is a fully documented, original, unmodified, Daytona Yellow, 12.1 and all factory L88.  93 Octane won’t work.  It had long been a car I wanted to add to my collection.  The ad in HMN stood out instantly when I read Daytona Yellow, my favorite of that era.  My interest grew as I read the ad copy. I was in for a surprise. As I read the phone number, I realized that this was a number known to me, George of VanCouver B.C. I called him immediately.

Long story short, Phil flew to Washington on Monday. He met the car that night, fiddled with the valves, idle, speedometer and cables on Tuesday, and then he and George drove the car back to Dallas arriving at 2:30 am on Friday with only two speeding tickets.

Ford Fairlane was interesting...yep, we gotta give some Fords a little space here too...they weren't all bad.

Visit often. Cars are bought and sold, and you never know what will be on display.

Sure was fun touring the museum...well worth the $5 for the stories alone.  Don't miss it when you go to Beaver's Bend or the Talimena Scenic Drive.  Car clubs, Poker Runs and motorcycle clubs are encouraged to call for group rates at Pine Meadow Cabins.

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